Grades 9, 10 
1 Credit
Prerequisites: None
Length of Course: One Year 

Orientation to Business 1, 2, a basic introductory business course, is strongly recommended for all students. Its main purpose is to provide students with the information they need to be able to make wise economic decisions in everyday life. The following units will be covered: basic economics, business ownership, buying goods and services, savings and investing, money management, credit, insurance, and career planning and exploration. This material is essential in helping all students function as intelligent consumers in today’s economic society. Students who might be interested in business careers will get a better understanding of what business is and how it works. Students will be involved in completing several practical simulations relating to the above topics. During the last nine weeks of the second semester, students will each manage their own business in a simulated community. A practice set fee is assessed. This course satisfies the Consumer Education requirement.

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